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Keyser Consulting, LLC is a software development and consulting company specializing in web application development using ASP.NET and other Microsoft technologies.
UJS Portal

Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts - UJS Portal

  • Built and enhanced numerous applications withint the UJS Portal web site including:
    • ePay
    • PACFile
    • Docket sheet searches
    • Attorney registration
  • Designed and enhanced interfaces with numerous other systems using ORM and messaging tools.
  • Build many reusable modules on which most applications on the web site are built.
Backcountry Edge

Backcountry Edge, Inc.

  • Updated their e-commerce web site to ASP.NET Storefront, implemented a new look and feel, and incorporated the custom product navigation that they had built into the previous version for their site.
  • Created several data feeds using Microsoft Messaging Queue to automate a lot of the data transfers they were previously doing by hand. These date feeds read new orders from the web site and insert them into their order management system, update the web site inventory from the same system, submit product information to several price comparison sites, etc.
  • Customized ASP.NET Storefront to implement custom shipping rules and calculations, calculate when an order would ship including logic for holidays, and many other small enhancements.
Cady & Cady Studios

Cady & Cady Studios

  • Completed an internal ASP intranet web site that another developer had started, including fixing several bugs implementing a new look and feel that had been designed for the site.
  • Over time, upgraded the bulk of the web site from ASP to ASP.NET.
  • Added several major enhancements to the site, inlcuding new modules to manage school information, internal trouble tickets, a scheduling application for their photographers, etc.
  • Integrated the job processing functinoality of the site with the public e-commerce sites (written in PHP and Cold Fusion) using a series of SOAP methods on both sides.